We make luxury camera straps that will last a lifetime

A photographer is present, a photographer is involved and a photographer endures. With this philosophy, we have created Qord Amsterdam camera straps.

Without your camera, it is not possible to capture your vision and your camera is just a useless tool without your vision. You both need each other. You have a valuable relationship together that needs to be preserved and Qord Amsterdam camera straps aim to do just that.

We at Qord AMS believe in simplicity and security while providing a comfortable yet great looking solution.

Our camera straps are designed and handmade in Amsterdam by high-grade quality paracord. We believe they will create a connection between you and your gear that will not only feel secure and comfortable, it will feel like you have become one with each other, ready to endure your future journeys.

Handmade in The Netherlands

We handle the production of our straps

in our homebase in The Netherlands. This guarantees that the fines quality materials are used and the best results are accomplished.


Every piece is put together

with great care and ultimate precision. This way we know: when your camera’s faith hangs by a thread, it will be a strong one. 


Tried and tested

techniques are used to construct our camera straps. You thought our materials defined the strength of our products? These techniques improve on that even more.


What we are listening to

Music. It’s an integral part of who we are. Interwoven in our DNA, if you will.

Like most people, we thoroughly enjoy a fine soundtrack for our busy days. Concurrently, a calmer day can perhaps benefit from some good vibrations even more.

Something to set the mood once we get up in the morning. Something to provide us with energy when we are in search of it. Something that carries us when things are not going as smoothly as foreseen.

So there we go, camera in one hand, music in our ears, eyes on the world. 

Our author Jerry makes selects from his favourite songs every week and shares those in his ‘Mood In Your 20s’ playlist on Spotify. Jerry provides us with, as he puts it; “vibes that will help to flex through your day“. Enough said?