Who are we?

Hi everybody! Some of you might wonder what you are doing here. Why is community written as Qommunity? What are you about to read? Some of you might already be familiar with us. For those of you that don’t, let me start with the basics.

My name is Mitch and I am a freelance photographer, travel enthusiast and founder of Qord Amsterdam. I am also blessed with a co-founder, named Stijn, who dabbles in fashion, modelling and some other stuff. He mostly works behind the scenes at Qord for now though. All you need to know, is that Stijn helps me out a lot with the business side of Qord AMS.

Introduction image of Mitch, founder of Qord Amsterdam
This is me, Mitch.

Anyway, Stijn allows me to focus on writing vague and incomprehensible messages to you guys, like this one (I’ll get to the point soon, promise), leading the Qord Community, as well as working on product design. So, since that’s out of the way, you might be wondering: what is this Qord Amsterdam you are talking about then?

What is Qord Amsterdam?

Well, Qord Amsterdam is a photography community, by and for photographers, as well as a camera strap company. Yes, we make and sell camera straps but I will tell you more about that later. You can have a quick peak at our store if you can’t contain your curiosity.

Let me start by telling you a little more about our photography community, henceforth referred to as our Qommunity, because that’s the name that we gave it. Pretty sweet right?

This is Stijn.

What is Qord Amsterdam’s mission?

So what are we trying to do here? Quite simple, as a freelance photographer I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about photography and the art and craft of making photos. I’d really like to share that with the world. Also, I always liked to have a place where I can go and ask the questions I have myself. More so, I’d like those answers to come from people I kind of know and are familiar with.

Let me be clear on saying that I don’t want to marginalise this Qommunity by only focussing on the practice of making photos. I want to focus on the business side of photography, the directions you can take in finding your niche, how your personality is a factor, and basically the passion behind everything.

That’s where the Qommunity comes into play. I will kickstart our knowledge base by writing down a few of my thoughts and sharing them with you. I am doing photography for about 5 years now. In that time, I gathered some insights I think can be of use to any person following a similar path as I have.

I needed to add some photos for SEO purposes so, here you go.

What makes Qord Amsterdam different?

Now, I realise a few things. First of all, I know 5 years does not sound like a lot so why do I have the authority to speak on anything, you might ask. The reality is, I don’t. I know there are photographers out there that are far more experienced, with greater insights and better stories to tell. That doesn’t really matter though, as I am not here to cater to the elite in the photography game, specifically. I am here to share the things I do know with anybody who is just now starting his first five years as a photographer or perhaps is only half way there.

I am sure you too are running into issues and questions that I ran into when I first started. It is you I am talking to and it is you I’d like to have a conversation with. I am convinced we can be of value to each other. I hope you feel the same way.

Here’s another photo that I like. I shot all these when we where out shooting the product photos of our camera straps, by the way.

Secondly, yes I’ve only now come to point #2, why would you come here, to www.qord.amsterdam, when there are photography blogs and publications out there with more information and more experienced writers and photographers? That’s a question I asked myself as well before I wrote any of these thoughts down.

The answer is, frankly, also a question in itself: do those publications speak to you?

If they do, that’s fine because I also read all the blogs out there too! The thing is, those blogs usually are either one of the following two things. Bear with me please.

There’s two sides to every story

The first thing most publications are is: a publication carries a body of content that’s a collection of many people’s thoughts and writing. I find that I sometimes enjoy particular articles more than others and it didn’t surprise me when I found out that those articles where written by particular writers. I found out that I like to feel that connection with the person behind the article. I like to know what that person is going through, what his or her motives are, and where those people are on their journey. It’s only when I built a connection with those photographers and writers, that I feel like I can start to deal with the over saturation of all the content we get thrown our way every single day. That’s a side-story I am saving for another time though.

This also brings us to the other things a publication can be, which is: a personal blog run by somebody that you can built this connection with, but have no possibilities for you to properly be a part of that. Sure you can leave a comment or send a tweet, but you can’t really contribute the same way the owner of the publication does.

So that’s why I feel like we as Qord AMS can still do something meaningful here with our Qommunity. We can create a place where similar minded people can come together and enjoy our common struggles and victories.

A third side to the story

Now you might be asking, where do you come into play? Are you only allowed to be a mere spectator in all this? Ideally, no, you will not only be a spectator. I love to have a chat and share ideas with likeminded people but the world won’t be a better place if we don’t allow for other insights and views as well. That is where I will need you in the near future.

If you read these stories and you feel like you might have something to add to them, you are encouraged to do exactly that! I can only share my perspective but if I can combine that with your perspective, and after that perhaps someone else’s, we are then starting to slowly built a bigger picture (pun intended). Perhaps we will be able to call this thing an actual Qommunity then. The specifics on how we will do that will come at a later time, we have some ideas, but if you can’t wait that long you can always get in touch through the contact form.

Well get back in touch as well, promised. ☺

Join other photographers and hear about it as soon as we have a new story online.

If you have any ideas or thoughts you’d like to share, we invite you to share your thoughts in our Qommunity subreddit. This is also an excellent place to get in touch with other people and to share any questions or suggestions you might have for us.