Freedom Neck Strap

65,00 48,75 incl. taxes.

  • Minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds (250 kilograms)
  • High-grade Paracord 550 Type III
  • Neck Strap for ease when carrying your camera all day
  • Handmade in The Netherlands

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Freedom Neck Strap

65,00 48,75 incl. taxes.

The specs

Camera Neck Qord, handmade in The Netherlands from high grade Paracord 550 Type III from the original producer of paracord, GSA Compliant. This type of paracord has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds (or 250 kilograms), hence the name. All our camera straps are handmade from this pure nylon cord, as opposed to the lower quality polyester cords available on the market as well.

Each Neck Qord measures*:

  • 106 centimeters in total length;

  • with 96 centimeters of knots;

  • and 2 loops of each 5 centimeter long.

This makes the Neck Qord suitable for every camera and almost every adult physique.

*Real life measurements may slightly differ.

The story

When you think about “the greatest country in the world” you think about one thing only: freedom. Though relatively new as a modern country, the USA has already left a massive impact on global society. American culture can be found everywhere and with every place, it goes it brings its core values and ‘freedom’ is always taking the center stage. The Freedom Qord is here for you to represent that identity when you are out documenting the American life.






Neck Strap

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